Sunday, March 25, 2012

Update: Reading Addiction

Just a fact: Since I was a kid, I grew up reading and loving books. I remember when I was around 7 or 8 years old, my sister and I read tons of books and our favorite books at that time were The Adventure books of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen or simple their story books. We used to collect all the Mary Kate and Ashley books we can (we were such huge fans that we also watch their shows and act like them. I used to be Ashley and my sister as Mary Kate since she was more of a boyish type back then)
I don't think that these are all of them but these were the only ones I found stored in the book cabinet. (left-right, up-bottom; oldest to the latest purchase)

Yeah, I know this book isn't Mary-Kate and Ashley but one of them are on it, so it counts. Haha! :)

Anyway, the real reason for this post is to share the books I read the whole week (last week), I can't actually believe myself that I read three books! (I included Dogwood)
After Dogwood, I read Hunger Games 'cause I heard a lot from it and my friends were all buzzing about that so might as well, read the book before the movie comes up. I actually read the book just one night (9 hours counted). Then the next book was "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks. I should have finished Suzanne Collin's trilogy first (which means, Catching Fire next) but there was a person lined up before me.

I like the idea that I haven't finished the movie yet. I always end up when Ronnie was just climbing down her mom's car. Anyway, I really enjoyed the book. I love it so much! Quite tear jerking, I can't even imagine when I already finish the movie 'cause it seems like it is more dramatized :)) 
As for now, Summer just started, I can see myself indulging in more books.

PS. I've already got the lens so happy me!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time is NOW

I know I'm a tad late (or a lot) about this Kony 2012 movement but let me tell you "It is always better late than never". If you haven't watched the video yet, then it is the right time for you to watch and to know more about Kony and the mishaps he has already brought for over 20 years:

Joseph Kony is the head of the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) or so they call their selves. He has been abducting kids from all over Uganda, little girls as sex slaves and little boys as child soldiers that are forced to kill the people and even their own parents. What also hurts me is that he talked in front of people saying he wants peace so he encourages them to join the army but he has done the worst things a person can do in this earth. Despite of all the hardships he made to the people around him, he isn't even satisfied so he still continues roaming around Africa to abduct kids.

I don't want children like me growing up in fear. God has created the world full of love and hope and what Kony brings shouldn't be a part of this world, so help me and all the people who joined this movement to make Kony famous, not to celebrate him but to support him being arrested. We all hope for the best, and may this world see a better future full of God's love! I also ask prayers for the children who are still frightened and threatened, may God always guide them and let them not into danger.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Review: Dogwood

So, I'm finally done with Dogwood. It took me longer this time to finish the book because of my still busy schedule but this coming week there is more "me" and social time since this week will just be graduation practices (Oh graduation, you didn't warned me that this will be this hard. It is so hard to let go the people I've been with since the start of my teenage years). Anyway, for the review:

Dogwood has actually two main characters but there are four of them talking about their own perspectives. Will and Karin has once have something going on with them when they were young but destiny tore them apart, leaving the both of them broken with what happened but Karin tried to move on and managed to build a family still in old Dogwood.
But through the years, Karin hasn't totally moved on. Then she met Ruthie Bowles that helped her get through everything that eventually brought her to what her conscience has been telling her all those years.

Dogwood made me feel all sorts of stuff, I felt the calmness and simple happiness at the beginning but then there came a lot of twists in the story that made me feel a sudden sadness and to some point, tears rolling down my cheeks. But then I also felt extreme anger for what was happening, I felt betrayed for what happened in the middle part but then the character stood up once again. Surely, this book will keep you guessing until the end (I mean literally, up to the end). I never felt this way before when I read a book, sure I already cried over a book and felt extreme happiness but never extreme anger and betrayal.

I suggest this book to practically, everyone. It has everything in it, especially the wonderful quotes of Ruthie Bowles that can change lives, I felt closer to God after all those, it touched the very root of my heart. I have high praises to Chris Fabry for creating such a wonderful book that made me feel I'm really part of the story. Thanks for this! :)


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book Review: Summer Snow

Before I started reading Dogwood, I read this book named Summer Snow.

(from GOOGLE)

Summer Snow is another inspirational book from Nicole Baart. This book is actually part of a sequel; with her first book- After the Leaves Fall, and the book that comes after Summer Snow- Beneath the Night Tree.

Julia Desmit dropped out of College after finding out that she got pregnant, she settled down with her grandma in a small state and tried to live a normal life with the job she got in a local grocery store but things changed when her mother (Janice), that left Julia and her dad when she was still little, showed up in an awfully snowy night with her half-brother that she never knew she had, things got complicated in her life. I must say, this book is really inspirational especially to those who are confused in different parts of their lives that they seek an answer. This book can make someone realize that God is always there for them and there is an answer in every problem, the only thing is you have to make an effort to know that answer. A story of hatred, love, family then the hardship of acceptance and forgiveness.

I haven't read the first book yet so I cannot make a full review with this book 'cause I'm quite sure that the points in the book that I wasn't able to understand is found in the first book though this book can also stand alone, but the last part is obviously to be continued. So I strongly suggest that if you want to read this book, you also have to read the first one and of course "Beneath the Night Tree" to fully understand what is happening.

But the one thing I like about this book, it made me cry at some point. It can also touch people's heart in some way that they also have to look deeper.


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Fashion in Motion with MANGO & Kate Moss

Books in Woods

As promised earlier, here are the books I bought from Logoshope with a little help from Angel Flores. I haven't finished the books yet but I'm already starting with Dogwood.

Funny thing is, I didn't really realize that their titles almost sounds (and looks) alike until I got home but I think that their stories are very far apart except that I'm not in doubt that they both take place in the rural country sides. Anyhoo, I'm really excited for the stories that they will bring to me.
I promise I will make a book review as soon as I finished each of them, starting with Dogwood. And no, I won't spoil you with what Dogwood brings, all I can say is: "A mysteriously nice page turner".

Btw, I'm sharing a site to all of you. is a non-profit organization that helps the poor in lifting their selves up from their current status. This organization does not promote a "handout" but instead a "Hand-up". And to all those that has the money to help, you can donate simply by clicking the "Donate Today" button seen in their one and only page. God bless you all! :)


Friday, March 9, 2012

Logoshope and Pyro craze

Hi there! I apologize again for being a very late blogger. I have to juggle a whole lot of stuff for the past month since my graduation is nearing and we have to do a lot of projects with very early deadlines but nonetheless, my exams are ending and I can focus more on my amusements. I'm so excited to be a laid-back person again, excited for Summer indeed! :)

So last weekend, me and my girl pals (Angel and Joan; plus Sharina and my brother, Lucky) went to an adventure road trip to Manila by means of public transportation which is actually fun but tiresome. I have been hearing this book fair named, Logoshope, for quite some time now and I have been intrigued about that ship and the 5,000 book titles they carry so last week was the perfect timing to get to know that ship.
After Logoshope (which only took us exactly 30 minutes through it because we were dead late for the Pyromusical), we went straight to the Mall of Asia to catch the Netherlands' Fireworks but we were too late because of the heavy traffic. But we were fortunate enough to catch China's fireworks. It was indeed a fun night. More of these adventures will unfold sooner, I hope.<3

Oh! And I will be sharing the books I bought in Logoshope in my next post, so please keep posted.